A classic American beverage receives a familiar yet refreshing identity for its regional Coca-Cola supplier.

Key Responsibilities

• Discovery & Research
• Concept Development
• Logo Design
• Presentation & Pitch
• Wireframing
• High fidelity mockups


• Branding
• Logo Design
• Web Design
• Style Guide



After seventy years of dutiful service as western Pennsylvania’s bottler (and franchisee) of Coca-Cola Beverages, the ABARTA company was given the opportunity to expand their relationship; adopting additional territories in Ohio and West Virginia. To manage their expanded operations they created a new LLC: ABARTA Coca-Cola Beverages.  

Much would change for the business’ operations, including the adoption of a new identity– one representative of their relationship with Coca-Cola. A request for a proposal was made, of which the team at NFM+Dymun both responded to and ultimately were chosen. We were tasked with developing the company’s new identity, logo, and web design.



Blending together two distinct brands can be precarious, which meant conducting thorough research & brand discovery to establish a creative vision. These efforts proved fruitful: surfacing vintage signage from Coca-Cola’s timeless marketing that served as inspiration for the final logomark. By leveraging Coca-Cola’s rich history, we could abide by their brand guidelines while delivering a unique mark among ABARTA’s peers.

Inspired by America’s expansive highway system, the logomark’s shape allows it to be used in a variety of applications, including as a license plate– convenient for a company that specializes in transportation.

Web Design


Creative & Art Direction, Web Design | Mitch Watts
Art Direction, Design | Val Petersen
Account Director | Preston Ciranni
Production Manager | Sarah Vernau
Web Development | ProFromGo


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Pencil & Paper

Fonts in Use

Gotham by Hoefler&Co

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